New Single Rain Consumer :.


This is what its all about. Speaking straight out of their minds, with the most eloquent and refined line of thought they can possibly put together. Yet powerful and unapproved, tangled between two languages. Seeking to fully grasp their own truth, they define their culture at the time being.

They take the opportunity to express their anger with a overall message of peace. It is a challenge no one said they could take it and yet they humbly accepted, it is the music that needed to exist the sound we were all waiting for someone to pick it up from where it was left off and no one did so they did it themselves.

It is voice that we all have but never use it. It is a miraculous output of what we dont know how to deal alone. it is something that should not be, but it is and it is ethereal. It is alive and changing improving and energetic.

“We want to fill the gaps and missing areas with the kicking sound of being gratefully alive, celebrating the madness of it all, with nonsensical thought provoking lyrics, heavy riffs, fast drums and a funky baseline in a old school way with brazilian elements.”